Welcome to the IELTS Online Registration and Payment System. Please read the following information carefully before registration.

Registration Checklist
Before proceeding to registration, please have the following available
1. A valid national identity card or passport. On the test day, you must bring the same form of valid national identity card or passport that you indicate in this online system.
2. A valid VISA card, Master Card, AMEX or JCB for online payment.
3. If you are using ATM card, please be informed that you will entitled to conduct the paymnet through atm/sms banking/internet banking/any other channels provided.
4. Soft copy of an image of your valid national identity card or passport. [ Sample and specifications ]

Please ensure that you are using a valid and regularly-checked email address, as it will be used for all correspondence regarding your application and payment.

One username corresponds with one e-mail address. DO NOT use the same e-mail address for other people’s registration.

You are free to edit your details at anytime by logging into using the username provided.
Please be aware that all IDP and IALF test centres linked to your data will only be able to view your most recently updated details, including your identity document.

IMPORTANT: If you update your ID document make sure you bring the original of the updated one with you on the test day. Unless you have the original of the ID document last used you will not be allowed to sit the test.

Important Notes:
1. Places are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
2. Only complete applications can be processed.
3. IELTS is not recommended for candidates under the age of 16.

Special Circumstances
Our centre makes every effort to cater for candidates with special needs, to enable them to best understand questions and tasks and give their answers. It is our aim for the language level of all candidates, to be assessed fairly and objectively.

Candidates who require special arrangements are asked to contact us before registration. Relevant supporting materials, (medical certificates) should be submitted during registration.

Cancellation & Test Date Transfer:
1. More than 5 weeks before the test date: you will be charged USD 40 administration fee.
2. Within 5 weeks of the test date: it will be treated as cancellation with no refund.
3. Exemption will be given for cases of serious illness (hospitalisation), loss/bereavement/hardship/trauma, supported with documentation/evidence.

Test Day
4. The IELTS test starts at 9.00am. Registration is at 7.30am at IALF Jakarta, 7.30am at IALF Surabaya, and 8.00am at all other test locations. If you arrive late for registration, you will not be able to sit the test and your test fee will not be refunded.
The Speaking test is usually scheduled on the same day as the other parts of the test. Please refer to the noticeboard at the Centre on test day for your allocated Speaking test time.
5. You must bring your identification (KTP or passport). Note this must be original - photocopies are not accepted - and it must be the same form of identification used on the Application form. If you fail to bring this ID on the day of the test you will not be permitted to sit the test and your test fee will not be refunded. You will also not be permitted to transfer to another test date.
6. You are required to bring your identification into the test room and only permitted to bring pencils (2B), pens, pencil sharpener and an eraser into the test room. Water in a clear plastic bottle is permitted. Highlighter pens and correction fluid are not permitted. Passport covers are not permitted.
7. Please ensure that all other belongings, including wallets and purses, are left in the area designated by the Test Day Supervisor. Mobile phones, watches and any other digital storage devices must be switched off and left at deposit counter. Your belongings can only be collected after you have completed the speaking test. The Test Day Supervisor is entitled to check the contents of any jacket taken into the room.
8. There are no breaks between the Listening/Reading/Writing tests.
9. Any attempt to cheat, copy another candidate’s work, make copies of any part of the exam materials, or remove exam materials from the exam room will lead to disqualification without refund.

Test Results
10. Test Report Forms (TRF) are available for collection 13 days after the test. You can preview your IELTS results at
11. Candidates receive one original TRF, and the IALF can send up to five others to overseas institutions that have been nominated on your Application form. All non-domestic mail and all courier fees are to be paid in advance by the candidate.

Enquiry on Results
12. If you feel your results are not a true reflection of your performance in the test, you may apply for an Enquiry on Results. IELTS tests can only be re-marked by a Senior IELTS assessor based in Australia. The process takes up to four weeks after a formal request has been made. The fee for this service is AUD 160, which is refunded to the candidate if any of the scores are revised upwards.

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