Why take your test with IALF in Batam?

Three reasons why IALF Surabaya offers you better IELTS test experience:

1. Convenient registration and test scheduling:

IALF is the only IELTS test provider in Indonesia where you can register and pay online in one easy process using VISA and MASTER CARD or ATM payment. Every effort is made to ensure that your speaking test is conducted at the same venue and on the same day as the other 3 test modules, saving you two to journeys for one test.

2. Conducive test environment:

IALF Surabaya provides candidates with the best possible test experience. All off-site test venues are carefully audited to ensure that they provide the best possible environment for you to take your test and to help maximize your performance during each section of the test. Sound systems are checked on a regular basis and test room acoustics are adapted to maximize clarity for listening.

3. Professional, friendly examiners and staff:

With over 15 years of experience testing candidates for IELTS, the staff and examiners at IALF Surabaya understand how you feel and every step of the test process, from pre-registration enquiries to post-test services is arranged to make your test as pleasant as possible.