Why IALF Bali?

Three reasons why IALF Bali offers you a better test experience:

1. Convenient Registration

IALF is the only IELTS provider in Indonesia where you can register and pay online in one easy process using VISA and MASTER CARD or ATM payment.

2. High Quality Venue

IALF Bali has excellent premises for the test, including high quality equipment and facilities to ensure your test experience is first class. Also, the Speaking test is conducted at the same venue and on the same day as the other 3 test modules, so you don’t have to come twice.

3. Professional and Friendly Examiners and Staff

With more than 20 years’ experience in conducting IELTS tests, we can ensure you get all the service and support you need. Our Examiners and other IELTS staff understand how you feel, and will try their best to assist you.

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